What services do we offer?

Your business is unique to us, so spectrum of our services depends on the nature of client’s business and mutual agreement.

Scope of our services is constantly altered and adjusted to the needs and wishes of our clients, to the surroundings, both economic and legislative and progress of profession and technology.

Our offer can be reduced to complete data processing in the field of accounting, consulting, as well as tax and business advisement for various types of companies i.e. limited liability companies, foundations, independent companies (individuals that are self-employed) and crafts, residents and non-residents.

We are capable of multi-language communication, in English, German and Slovenian – so communication with mother companies or foreign management does not represent an issue.

We dedicate ourselves greatly to lifelong learning, adapting to new processes and ideas, which leads to continuous improvement of our services and growing satisfaction of our clients. By attending various educations and seminars, studying legislative changes (in scope of finance) and repercussions of new laws we are always informed and prepared to timely and adequately react to such changes.

Each client is treated in a special manner and we nurture personalized, yet professional relationship.

As our greatest competitive advantage we would point out the mutual trust we have with our clients and relationship in general.

Accounting services

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions of one company and its business.

Tax advisement

Many people view taxes as a sore spot. Despite that, managing tax obligations within legal boundaries is extremely important.

Business consulting

If you are starting a new business (a company, store, craft) or even opening a new business unit, feel free to look for help.