Accounting services

Accounting is the systematic and comprehensive recording of financial transactions of one company and its business. It is extremely important that this recording is done in a proper way.

Not just because company is obliged to hand in Financial statements to the state, but also because such and similar reports are used to evaluate the state of one company. It serves as a tool for company’s managers and shareholders, and should be done with great care and precaution.

Basic services we offer, of course depending on the client itself, are:
• material, goods and financial accounting;
• creation of goods-material documents;
• processing and recording of operational and business changes based on the duly delivered documentation by the client
• main chart of the company – balance of revenues, expenses and profit for a certain period of time, with analytical elaboration of expenses
• recording of Book of incoming invoices – KUF (data on all invoices received from the suppliers by invoice number, date, name of the supplier etc.)
• recording of cash invoices on predetermined forms
• recording of Book of outgoing invoices – KIF (data on all invoices given out to the clients by invoice number, date, name of the client etc.)
• monthly preparation and submission of V.A.T. form based on the KUF and KIF recording
• book of expenses and revenues, book of transactions, records on receivables and book on all long-term assets for independent companies and crafts

Payroll/ contract services:
• calculation and preparation of payroll based on the input data provided timely
• creation of payroll form 2001 and submission of the said payroll form to the relevant Tax Administration Office
• creation of payment orders for payroll and social contributions and wage slips for each of the workers
• creation of MIP 1023, monthly report on paid out payroll and submission of the MIP 1023 to the relevant state organ
• creation of GIP 1022 and OLP reports, yearly reports on paid out payroll for each of the workers (current or former) and submission of the GIP and OLP to the relevant state organ
• calculation and preparation of reimbursements to physical entities (people), based on contracts
• creation of yearly summary report on paid out reimbursements based on previously mentioned contracts

Financial services – end of the year activities:
• calculation of depreciation based on the list of fixed assets and Decisions on depreciation rates
• recording of small tools and inventory
• preparation of Financial statements (Balance sheet, Income statement, Cash Flow Statement, Tax Form etc..) on the forms specified by the state organs of B&H within deadlines determined by legislative acts (the yearly forms have to be signed and approved by the certified accountant, who is held accountable for accuracy and truthfulness)

withcomplete confidentiality of dataand insight into accounting documents, except for authorized personnel responsible for control and inspection, even then in the presence of representatives of clients

One of the main reasons to entrust accounting activities to external accounting are special procedures that have to be followed upon recording business changes, often changes in legislation in this field and the necessity of adapting to these changes quickly and number of reports that are created mainly for purpose of reporting to the state organs.
Besides that, we are here for all of your questions regarding accounting, finance and taxes.